Toro Verde Adventure Park: Best zipline adventure in Puerto Rico

An ecological adventure park with unforgettable ziplining experiences.

In the mountains at the center of the island is a modern marvel of adrenaline-pumping adventure known as “The Monster,” a 2.5-kilometer zipline that is one of the longest in the world.

While the attraction has been popular with Puerto Ricans, it recently gained international celebrity status after Jimmy Fallon filmed a special “Desde Puerto Rico” (From Puerto Rico) episode of The Tonight Show in January. Along with singing and dancing with Bad Bunny through Old San Juan and enjoying fritters and rum sours with Chef José Andrés in Piñones, Fallon went flying at 95 mph over the mountains of Orocovis on The Monster. Since then, the attraction has gotten much more popular (so definitely make advance reservations, if you want to make sure there’s availability.

Are you ready to conquer The Monster? Here’s everything you need to know to plan your visit

What Is It?

Toro Verde Adventure Park is located in the town of Orocovis, about an hour and 45 minutes from San Juan and hidden between rolling mountains covered in dense forest. The area boasts some of the most breathtaking mountain views on the island, which you’ll see flying beneath you, if you choose to go ziplining. Since the park opened in 2009, its network of ziplines and suspension bridges has steadily expanded, and now includes two enormous ziplines, The Beast at nearly 1.5 kilometers and The Monster, the second longest zipline in the world, at 2.5 kilometers.

How to Get There

We offer roundtrip packages or customized tours from San Juan directly to Toro Verde. By the moment our package don’t include the tickets. We’re working a partnership to include the tickets in our package. Send us a message to arrange transportation or book online.

Zipline and Bridge Tours

Toro Verde offers several tour options depending on how many ziplines you want to ride. The most popular is The Monster followed by The Beast, then the Zipline tour which includes 8 regular ziplines, each one longer and higher than the previous one.

Safety Requirements

Each of the ziplines has a minimum height requirement of 4 to 5 feet and a minimum and maximum weight ranging from 100lbs up to 300lbs. You will be provided with helmet, goggles, and harness. Closed shoes like sneakers are required and sunblock, bug repellent, and sunglasses are recommended. Hydration is important since you’re on a tropical island. You may bring water or purchase beverages at the park’s cafe. Each tour will include two bilingual guides who provide clear instructions, are happy to answer any questions, and will fetch you if you get stuck on the zipline or don’t quite reach the landing pad (it’s no big deal).


There are two culinary options at Toro Verde Adventure Park. The coffeeshop offers locally grown Puerto Rican coffee, cold blended drinks, and beers, as well as snacks, desserts, and breakfast food. It’s perfect for when you’re looking for a snack or other refreshments.

If you’re looking for a true culinary experience visit the Toro Verde Restaurant. The terrace overlooks the central mountain range and on a clear day you can see all the way to the coast. The menu features local cuisine with a gourmet twist, made with fresh local ingredients, and includes a few vegetarian options.

For appetizers sample local delicacies like The Toritos (green plantain tostones fried into the shape of a cup and filled with either meat, chicken, or vegetables), arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas) risotto cakes, or chicken wings with spicy guava sauce or banana-rum BBQ. Pair with a cocktail to kick off a chinchorreo (bar hopping) around the town of Orocovis.

If you’re looking for a full meal, you can go light with a salad and soup or go all out with a mofongo (fried plantain or yuca mashed with garlic) stuffed with skirt steak or roasted vegetables in red wine sauce, shrimp in garlic sauce, or the Orocovis special: longaniza, a type of spicy pork or chicken sausage made in that region of the island. For something a little more original, opt for the chef specials like the Lasaña Boricua in which layers of fried sweet plantains are stuffed with ground beef and topped with mozzarella cheese.

Whether you come for the ziplines and the adrenaline rush, or for the food and the view, Toro Verde will be a memorable part of your trip.

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