The 5 best restaurants in San Juan (Creole Food)

The constant evolution of Puerto Rican cuisine is on display at restaurants around San Juan, where the fusion of cultures with the island’s comida criolla (Creole food)

Based on our drivers and customers. This is our choose of the best top 5 restaurants in San Juan:

1. Cafe Manolin

Café Manolin is a Creole food restaurant established in San Justo Street in Old San Juan over 70 years ago. Its founder and first owner was Don Ernesto Ruíz, who later sold his brother Manolín Ruíz. In 1987, Café Manolin was acquired by the current owners, Annie Rivera and Tomás J. Molina, who remained operated in the original premises. Fifteen years later, he acquired a building on San Justo Street # 251 with much wider facilities, where they moved the restaurant’s operations.

2. La Casita Blanca

Ask the many public figures and celebrities who are regulars at La Casita Blanca, or “The Little White House,” and they’ll tell you that this is the most authentic, traditional dining spot in the San Juan metro region. With a delightfully old-school setting in Santurce, this restaurant will not only satisfy your taste buds but warm your soul. Every day, a list of 10 to 12 Puerto Rican dishes are posted on a whiteboard, with items like stewed beef with rice and beans, codfish and mashed root vegetables, and crabmeat gazpacho waiting to fill your belly.

3. El Jibarito

El Jibarito is located at 280 Sol Street in Old San Juan and open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. Call 787-725-8375 for more info. It opened with a budget of $150. El Jibarito has represented Puerto Rico’s culinary and cultural roots for almost 40 years. El Jibarito will serve up traditional and tasty classics every night. The food is cheap, the ambiance convivial, and the location on Sol Street make it a welcome destination in Old San Juan.

4. Jose Enrique

José Enrique restaurant in Condado has been named by Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure as one of the 30 “World’s Best Restaurants” around the world. The restaurant, headed by Puerto Rican Chef José Enrique, is known for its locally inspired culinary creations.

5. Casita Miramar

This is one of the best spots in San Juan for down-home comida criolla: the traditional Puerto Rican cuisine that pulls from the island’s Spanish, African, and Taino (indigenous Caribbean people) heritage. The chalkboard menu changes regularly, but you can expect traditional Puerto Rican comfort food.

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