Best beaches in Puerto Rico 2019

It is not a secret that the island is surrounded by beautiful beaches for the enjoyment of the whole family. The island has more than 270 miles of beautiful coasts.
This is why Puerto Rico is one of the favorite destinations for tourists to enjoy endless water activities that can be done under the sun or simply seek to relax, cool off or take a dip.
Our City Cab Team choose and Here we present some of the best beaches on the island:
Flamenco Beach in Culebra
This beach with crystal clear water and white sand has been considered a paradisiacal beach by visitors. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico and the world.
Playa Sucia or La Playuela
It is a paradise of crystal clear water and white sand. This beach is part of the Cabo Rojo Nature Reserve and is located steps from the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.
Luquillo Beach
The beach of Luquillo is another of our most beautiful natural treasures. This beach also boasts calm and crystal clear waters and a very soft sand that allows you to reach the water to submerge easily. Just steps from the spa you will also find the famous kiosks or restaurants to taste typical Puerto Rican food.
Balneario Boquerón in Cabo Rojo
It is one of the most frequented beaches for its panoramic views. On this beach, many beach festivals are held and there are multiple frios kiosks and typical Puerto Rican food.
Jobos Beach in Isabela
Playa Jobos is the most popular in Isabela. It is very busy to surf and sunbathe. It is dangerous to swim because of its strong currents.
Montones Beach in Isabela
The beach Montones in Isabela is characterized by its family atmosphere. The beach has an ideal posing for children and an area that faces the open sea that is recommended for adults.
La Poza de las Mujeres in Manatí
The pool that belongs to the Hacienda la Esperanza nature reserve in Manatí, owes its name to the years 1600 to 1700, when Puerto Rico was a colony of Spain, where only women of high society bathed.
Buyé beach in Cabo Rojo
Buyé is a famous beach in the municipality of Cabo Rojo, southwest of Puerto Rico. Its calm waters and its wide strip of sand make it one of the main attractions for the tourist in Porta del Sol.
Crash Boat in Aguadilla
The Crash Boat beach in Aguadilla is considered one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for snorkeling, snorkeling, surfing and other water sports.

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